Platform-as-a-Service solution for financial services.

With platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution, we are establishing collaboration and encouraging innovation by opening up our core systems so third parties can develop applications on top. Finastra has evolved from packaged software to micro-services, open APIs and continuous delivery, made possible with platformification via open interfaces, standards and architecture.

Firms can deliver innovative applications quickly and at low cost, transforming their own operations and development centers. will help transform the financial services industry in the same way that mobile app stores have transformed our everyday lives. is made up of 3 core components:

  • Fusion Creator: This cloud-based development environment, to develop and edit applications, provides access to our core systems via the FusionFabric platform, and to open APIs to accelerate development.

  • Fusion Operate: The production environment to deploy and run apps.

  • Fusion Store: This is the marketplace from which applications developed on can be bought, sold and consumed.

With, Finastra facilitates open collaboration, driving the future of banking through an open platform approach.