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Capabilities for Finance.

With increasing volatility across global financial markets, investors are demanding greater transparency, control and compliance while investment managers need to take swift informed decisions. We develop flexible & secure fund management solutions that allow investment managers to minimse the risk and maximise their investments.

Fund Administration

We offer a single accounting and investor servicing platform that delivers IBOR and ABOR and supports front to back office operations to reduce the total cost of ownership by consolidating functions and systems across multiple geographies, asset classes, jurisdictions to support convergence between long-only and alternative funds. 

Alternative Investments

Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) is a set of directives that helps to govern, manage and regulate hedge funds, private equity and any other alternative investment. Our A/I compliance solution empowers portfolio managers to rapidly comply with the AIFMD requirements without implementation costs or delays.

Blockchain Asset Management

Choosing the right platform for a safe access to the crypto-currency markets is essential. We offer management services to build and manage the crypto assets including digital tokens, currencies and digital funds. With a network of experienced and skilled financial experts, we help our clients for all their crypto fund management needs.

Investment Management

Enhance advisor productivity, streamline critical investment processes and increase investor engagement, all while managing risk and compliance. We offer multi-asset order and portfolio management solution that enables our clients to model and execute trades, track portfolios in real-time and ensure that compliance and operations are up to date.

Private Banking

Best of breed solutions from across the financial systems portfolio can help private banks to meet the changing demands of the industry and continue their pursuit of banking excellence. Our private banking suite includes core banking, channel and client management, market data, etc. to enhance diversified product and services offerings.